This is the most uncomplicated sexual position ever. According to Dr Krishnakant Menon, a sexologist, it is a position both of you can be comfortable in. "It involves the man being on top of the woman. It works well if the woman is shy and the man needs to take control," he says.

At-home sex toys

It's comparatively tougher to buy sex toys in India. But cheer up, there are lots of make-shift sex toys to be found scattered around your house! Use your imagination (and these household appliances) to make things much, much hotter. Here's our list of what's in and around your house to perk up your erotic life.

The washing machine

Vibrating sex on the washing machine makes for a great sexual experience. Turn on the spinner, lie down on the top and have a great time. The vibrations will be stimulating. And by the time you have achieved nirvana, the clothes will have dried.

The bathtub

The bathtub is your next best option for underwater sex, after the swimming pool. In fact, the bathtub allows for greater intimacy and gives you privacy. Since the bathtub is so close to the bedroom, you could keep switching venues for best results.

The doors

A door provides a great stable surface for stand-up sex. This holds especially true for hard, wooden doors. Just ensure that the door is not the main entrance. Your neighbours may get disturbed by your amorous escapades. And yeah, make sure you lock it beforehand.

Kitchen counter

The kitchen counter is a great venue for some good sex. In addition to the fact that it allows for more experimentation than the bedroom, there are cold slabs that can add to your experience. He makes you hot inside and the slabs make you cold outside. Doesn't it sound worth a try?

Garden or balcony

Nothing beats sex in natural environs. More importantly, if you have a swing in the balcony or a see-saw in the garden, you would be silly not to use it. And, make sure to look at the stars.

A good time can always begin at home. Therefore, before you go out and around looking for better options, look homewards.

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